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Majority Minority Jurisdictions Continue to Lose Citizens to Fire More Often In Maryland

Majority Minority population jurisdictions continue to lose citizens to fire more often in Maryland. The Maryland State Fire Prevention Commission and the State Fire Marshal continue to see trends that are disturbing as they search for ways to reduce fire … Continue reading

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In the Light of Connecticut We See a Void of Leadership and Management Nationally

Managing emergencies is a continuous process.  The process requires us to examine the threats to our society and then requires us to take action.  Obviously when we compare our country’s environment to the rest of the world we come up … Continue reading

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Tip of the Day – Increase Organizational Learning about Managing Emergencies

Business leaders and owners take great steps to hire the best and the brightest people and their performance they hope will be matched by few in rival companies. One thing that is often forgotten is that managing emergencies is a behavior that is … Continue reading

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Environmental Sensing – Most Businesses Are Vulnerable But Shouldn’t Be

Monitoring the environment for the most destructive forces that can ruin a business is simple and easy but most organizations don’t take the simplest steps to even prevent fires.  When you go to work look around to see if there are … Continue reading

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Organizational Weaknesses Contribute To Everday Emergencies

Accidents don’t just happen.  Accidents can be traced to weaknesses in organizational structure in several key areas. The most common areas that contribute to mishaps are lack of policy or direction, lack of training, human frailty (working while tired, sleepy or intoxication) lack … Continue reading

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Critical Incident Stress Management – Finding Help In Your Time of Need

Managing stress is a team effort. When our senses are overwhelmed we need others to assist us.  We know something is wrong but we are not equipped to live a life of solitude.  We are trained from birth that we need to cry … Continue reading

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Evacuation – Why Home Sweet Home Is Not Always A Good Choice

Hurricane Sandy and other hurricanes can disrupt our lives because we cannot imagine the deceptive power of those types of storms. All of us need to remember that homes and buildings are designed to withstand wind speeds below winds produced … Continue reading

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