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Game of Thrones – The Politics of the Fire Service

Advice from the NVFC While volunteers command much of the nations fire service, in highly populated areas they are losing ground to more politically savvy organized labor operations.  We have all heard the saying “Nature Abhors a Vacuum”. This commonly used phrase … Continue reading

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Recovery (We Don’t Do It Well)

Avoiding emergencies many times takes all of our energy.  We are hyper-alert to the dangers that may befall us.  However, when we get hit with an emergency we crumble. We are not used to thinking about planning on how we … Continue reading

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US Ambassador and Others Driven Out of Safe Room Due to Smoke

The United States Government sets the tone for safety requirements in buildings. It is a surprise to me that government officials died in a fire and the toxic effects of smoke.  Did the building have a smoke removal system.  Was the … Continue reading

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We Are All In This Together

With more than two hundred and fifty million Americans in this Country it is interesting how we can feel the pain of others during disasters no matter where the disaster occurs.  I find it all the more interesting as I read … Continue reading

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