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Game of Thrones – The Politics of the Fire Service

Advice from the NVFC While volunteers command much of the nations fire service, in highly populated areas they are losing ground to more politically savvy organized labor operations.  We have all heard the saying “Nature Abhors a Vacuum”. This commonly used phrase … Continue reading

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Volunteer Fire and EMS providers of Prince George’s County, Maryland have a unique opportunity to form a “trade organization” that will enable them to better position themselves in the future. The recent election of Pete Mellits as President of the … Continue reading

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Volunteer Fire Fighters and Politics – Power without Pursuasion

Some of the most powerful people in Prince George’s County came from the Fire/EMS Department, growing from among the ranks of the volunteers. Volunteers have produced mayors, council members and well connected community leaders. Today volunteers struggle just to ride … Continue reading

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Are Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Responders Becoming Obselete in Prince George’s County, Maryland?

When I was hired in 1983 in the Prince George’s County Fire Department before graduating from recruit school I pulled up to the Fire Station to work for the first time. I saw the sign of the front of the … Continue reading

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Tip of the Day – Increase Organizational Learning about Managing Emergencies

Business leaders and owners take great steps to hire the best and the brightest people and their performance they hope will be matched by few in rival companies. One thing that is often forgotten is that managing emergencies is a behavior that is … Continue reading

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Environmental Sensing – Most Businesses Are Vulnerable But Shouldn’t Be

Monitoring the environment for the most destructive forces that can ruin a business is simple and easy but most organizations don’t take the simplest steps to even prevent fires.  When you go to work look around to see if there are … Continue reading

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How to Manage an Emergency Management Program

There is a leadership component to managing the emergency life cycle process. Commitment – Managers need to be required to show commitment to the emergency management process by communicating with employees on a regular basis regarding mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery issues. Internal coordination is … Continue reading

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