Warnings – Logical and Effective Behavior Needed

When deadly events occur we wonder about our warning systems.  It is natural to deny our part in the process and look to blame someone else. Whether we are driving in a car or sitting at home we tend to think someone else is looking out for us.  In this age of personal responsibility we must learn to protect ourselves.  If we don’t when we get to court or when others question us, we will fall victim to this new-found philosophy.  We are warned everyday to be on the lookout for every conceivable threat.  Traffic lights, warning buzzers, emergency alert systems, fire alarms, car alarms, smoke detectors, check engine lights, people yelling, broadcast news reports.  Yipes!

We should give thanks for all the inventors who figured out approaches to make sure that there are proper and timely warnings.  Now comes our part.  We must have a logical reaction to those warnings.  We see people riding out the storm or ignoring the fire alarm or driving with the check engine light dutifully warning us until the bulb burns out or the car breaks down. (I hate the check engine light) Our reaction to warnings should be based on logic and that requires us to have an understanding of what we need to do before the emergency being warned about takes place.  Work on understanding what you are up against.

Once you have received the warning take proper action.  Sometimes that warning is just a creepy feeling or the hair on the back of your neck standing up.  Sometimes it is just your mother’s intuition.  In any case you need to engage in behaviors that will make sure you are not a victim of the impending circumstance.  You want to be the one watching the aftermath on the news and not an unwilling participant in the crisis.  Take the time to educate yourself on the pertinent issues you are constantly being warned about.  On a lighter note, keep in contact with your guardian angel and above all listen to him/her.  Like a smoke detector, your guardian angel is always there to warn you.  Who did you think that was whispering in your ear?  Something told me that was going to happen.  Sound familiar.  Warnings – Logical and Effective Behavior Needed

If you need preparedness training or would like to have a preparedness discussion for your employees checkout my website http://www.ejones224.moonfruit.com/ and contact me via email at sysmanemerconsult@aol.com. If you need someone to write a topic for your news letter contact me.


About managingemergencies

I am a professional consultant with 30 years of experience in managing emergencies. My background and skills gave me the foundation to start Systems Emergency Preparedness Consultants. If you need preparedness training or would like to have a preparedness discussion for your employees contact me via email at sysmanemerconsult@aol.com. I held various positions in the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department until I retired in 2007. As a emergency planner and trainer in the Prince George's County Office of Homeland Security I planned exercises and training for government agencies and citizens groups. I was appointed Fire Chief of the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department in 2009. I started Systems Emergency Preparedness Consultants in June of that year. I had the opportunity to become the Assistant Fire Chief - Operations of the District of Columbia Fire/EMS Department and served for a year as the Interim Fire Chief. I am a trained mediator, mediator team leader and trainer. I also served as the Fire/EMS Department Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.
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