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Hurricane Issac – Behind the Scenes

Managing emergencies and disasters takes courage, resources, knowledge and skill.  In the face of a massive hurricane all our resources and human effort is tested.  As one part of our country endures Hurricane Issac,  I’d like to take the time to … Continue reading

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Conflict – Why we need it and how we should manage it.

Conflict is natural.  Conflict in the workplace is a source of inspiration and creativity.  When we are discussing ideas and approaches to changing a work product or process it is natural that people will advocate for their side of the argument.  People … Continue reading

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The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Everyday we wake up and face the complexities of life.  Our biggest weapon we have to get us through the day is the power of positive thinking.  We hope for the best and we dream of a better tomorrow.  Deep … Continue reading

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Your Safety

Much is made about organizations and the need for them to invest in worker safety.  As a former fire fighter I realized very early on that my safety was paramount to one person on the planet and that person was me.  … Continue reading

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Managing Conflicts in the Workplace

Workplace conflict may be the closest any worker in your organization will come to an emergency on the job.  The organization can become responsive to workplace conflict by supporting a peer mediation program. Peer mediation can be taught to a … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

When you acquire the use of property you seldom think of the long-term history of the location.  Did you get an environmental assessment of the site before you acquired the property?  Did you check with the organization that oversees the … Continue reading

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We Are All In This Together

With more than two hundred and fifty million Americans in this Country it is interesting how we can feel the pain of others during disasters no matter where the disaster occurs.  I find it all the more interesting as I read … Continue reading

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